Let’s save our
public gardens

PlantSnap and The American Public Gardens Association have joined forces to create a garden rescue plan that needs all you plant and nature lovers out there to get involved and help us save our public gardens!


Public gardens are in great danger


Most public gardens closed by March 16th due to the pandemic and are now facing the biggest challenge of their existence.

They are unable to generate revenue


As gardens are emptied of visitors they cannot generate any revenue at the gate or through events. Many have cut back on staff with only a skeleton crew of people left to care for the plants.

volunteers are not enough


Despite the amazing dedication of the staff, our public gardens need LOTS of care to keep them thriving. Without visitors to support them, we run the risk of losing some of the world’s most valuable plant collections. 

If we don’t do something soon people might come back to a botanical tragedy!

Plantsnap is getting involved


Donate of 20$ or more to the American Public Gardens Association and you will receive thePlantSnap Pro App for your mobile device. This way we’ll make sure that all plant lovers get access to an amazing app and that we all come back to the luscious green sceneries that we love in our public gardens.

Your small contribution can have a huge impact!