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PlantSnap Loves Australia and New Zealand!

by | Dec 2, 2020

PlantSnap is deepening our roots in the Southern Hemisphere! Most recently, we’ve begun working with partners in Australia and New Zealand to help plant lovers identify plant friends!

Want to learn about which types of fern are endemic to New Zealand? How about the edible mushrooms that grow in fairy rings there?

Maybe you’d like to read about the majestic species King Palm native to Australia? Or perhaps indulge in trivia about Australia’s beloved eucalyptus trees?

We at PlantSnap are keen on Australia and New Zealand’s botanical diversity and communities of plant and garden enthusiasts. We’re proud to develop partnerships in these beautiful ecosystems as we work to connect nature and technology across the world.

You can read more about PlantSnap’s foray into Australia and New Zealand in Issue 55 of the BOTANIC GARDENer! 

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  1. Merv Lawrence

    As this amazing Plant App takes shap it is very important to indicate those plants that are vulnerable, not native to a country and very important, those that are causing weed/health status within a country. As we search for a plant/weed it may be ok in one country but a pest in another. This is a vital roll for such an web site.

    • Eric Ralls

      Hello Merv! Yes, this is a very good point. We will be sure to continue adding native/non-native information to the plant details pages. Thank you very much for the feedback!


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