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Arborvitae Types

15 Different Arborvitae Types, Varieties, and Care

Arborvitae trees are a favorite of residential and commercial landscapers across cold and temperate climates in North America. You’ve certainly seen arborvitae trees walking around your city or neighborhood, where they are planted as privacy hedges or landscaping accents. Over the last century, they have become integral parts of the urban and suburban American landscape. […]
Types of Oak Trees

20+ Types of Oak Tree (Different Species of Oak Trees)

Oak trees are beloved and well-recognized trees around the globe. With over 500 living species, interesting facts and relationships are as abundant as the squirrel-forgot acorns beneath the ground. Today we’ll be exploring different types of oak trees, detailing their botanical names, growing preferences, and other distinguishing tidbits.   Introduction   Oak trees are indigenous […]
money tree plant

How to Care For Your Money Tree Plant (Full Care Guide)

With large palmate leaves giving off a tropical vibe combined with a cleverly braided trunk, the money tree is more than just a symbol of prosperity. It’s a beautiful (and quite popular) houseplant. Additionally, it is known to be one of the easiest indoor trees. Here is some important background on this amazing plant along […]
types of coconuts

15 Different Types of Coconuts (Dwarf, White, and More!)

When one thinks of a tropical beach, they usually picture a palm tree hanging over clear blue water. Indeed, coconut palms are common sights on tropical beaches around the world. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, coconut palms bear fruit abundantly, and coconut fruits are used in all sorts of products these days. Did you know […]
types of bushes, American Black Elderberry

100+ Different Types of Bushes and Shrubs

Bushes and shrubs are woody, perennial plants that can take a variety of shapes, colors, and forms. The difference between a shrub and a tree is rather ambiguous. In fact, some trees have “dwarf” varieties that look much more like a bush than a tree. In general, a bush or a shrub is a small, […]
house plants

50 Indoor House Plants (Best Indoor Plants for Home)

Just like pictures, paintings, and art, indoor house plants add an interesting flavor to any room. Unlike paintings or pictures, though, plants add life to your home and can even purify your air. Identifying which plans will work best in your home can be difficult, though. Continue reading below and let’s take a look at […]
Types of Redbud Trees

15+ Different Types of Redbud Trees (All Varieties)

A redbud tree is a small, deciduous tree or shrub in the genus Cercis. Found in the pea family (Fabaceae) along with legumes and beans, redbuds have the flower and seedpod forms that are typical for the family.   Redbud species are native to temperate zones around the world, and their striking, year-round beauty has […]
types of lantana

15 Different Types of Lantana (All Lantana Varieties)

Lantanas are flowering shrubs and members of the plant genus Lantana (pronounced lan-TAYN-uh). Known for having plentiful, showy flowers and long blooming season lantana plants will spruce up any garden with perennial blooms. Not only that, but they are extremely low maintenance – especially if you choose one of the cultivated varieties. If you are […]
types of moths - luna moth

40+ Different Types of Moths (Everything Moth Species)

Moths are much more interesting than you may think. They can be gorgeous, colorful, massive, and important pollinators. They can also be huge pests, harming agriculture and forestry. It would take many lifetimes to learn everything there is to know about moths, especially because there are 10 times as many moths species than butterfly species […]

20+ Types of Thank You Flowers

When you want to show appreciation for someone, the gift of flowers always seems appropriate. And it’s true that any type of flower will have an impact. However, there are certain types of flowers that are associated with gratitude. If you need a reason to express thanks for something, consider some of these blooms for […]
types of cedar trees

13 Different Types of Cedar Trees (All Cedar Tree Varieties)

Cedar trees are a beloved and well-known type of tree. And while there is often confusion between common and botanical names between the types, there is no debate on how beautiful and useful these trees are. Cedars have supported communities as we’ve evolved, traveled, and built cities. The health, vitality, and opportunities surrounding these conifer […]
Lumia Lemons

30 Different Types of Lemons (All Lemon Varieties)

Lemons have an extremely large number of uses. Their juice is used in drinks and desserts; their rind is used whole as a garnish; they can be distilled for their lemon oil. According to the National Agriculture Statistical Service, the United States farms roughly 54,000 acres of lemons – that’s almost 7% of the landmass […]
Nursery plants

Top 15 Plants for a DIY Nursery

Plant nurseries are places where plants are propagated and grown to a certain age or size. Just like a nursery fosters and nurtures children, plant nurseries do the same for young plants! If you are a hobby gardener, starting a DIY nursery is a great way to take your passion to a new level. In […]
types of peonies

33+ Different Types of Peonies (and Peony Classifications)

Peonies are a tried-and-true favorite of gardeners in temperate areas around the globe. They make bright, good-smelling, large flowers that hold up well in vases. What’s not to love? Peonies are so lovely that many people even choose them as wedding flowers. They are among the few kinds of flowers with their own societies, like […]
pesto made from garlic mustard leaves

Is Garlic Mustard Edible? How to Prepare It

Garlic mustard is an herbaceous plant native to Asia, Africa, and parts of Europe. In North America, it’s a common weed that invades ecosystems and chokes out the native flora. Garlic mustard is also edible. In fact, it’s one of the oldest spices used in Europe. Traces of garlic mustard were found on pottery 6000 […]
plantsnap new zealand

PlantSnap Loves Australia and New Zealand!

PlantSnap is deepening our roots in the Southern Hemisphere! Most recently, we’ve begun working with partners in Australia and New Zealand to help plant lovers identify plant friends! Want to learn about which types of fern are endemic to New Zealand? How about the edible mushrooms that grow in fairy rings there? Maybe you’d like […]
types of cherry trees

15+ Different Types of Cherry Trees (Cherry Tree Varieties)

Cherry trees can be used in many different ways. Their wood makes for spectacular tables, jewelry boxes, and chests. Their bark has been important to indigenous peoples for its medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Obviously, their varied and delicious fruits can be used in all sorts of desserts, drinks, and sweets. Today let’s gain […]
holly tree types

20+ Different Holly Tree Types (Full Holly Varieties List)

Holly is a plant that permeates pop-culture. Whether you’re singing a holiday classic with your grandmother, walking along some neighborhood hedges, or brewing a cup of Yerba Mate to start your day, holly, also known as the plant genus Ilex, is often nearby when you know where to look. Today we’ll dig into 20+ different […]
types of moss

30+ Different Types of Moss (And Most Common Moss Species)

Moss is a ubiquitous plant that often goes underappreciated and overlooked. As one of the first land plants, moss was able to spread across the entire globe. It’s now found on every continent including Antarctica, thanks to its ability to grow in Earth’s harshest environments. Moss loves to colonize new ground, so it commonly grows […]
Perennial Vegetables to Grow in North America

Perennial Vegetables to Grow in North America

Imagine harvesting fresh veggies from your garden each summer without putting in the effort to start your garden from scratch. Perennial vegetables allow just that! Perennials survive the winter and return to produce again the following summer. Here, we’ve highlighted a few star perennial vegetables that make a great choice for a garden in North […]