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daisy variety, Arctotis stoechadifolia

40+ Different Types of Daisies (And What They Look Like)

Perhaps you’ve been to the plant nursery recently and been intimidated by the huge amount of daisy-like flowers available in the seed section. There are so many different types of daisies!   Or maybe you’ve been walking around your neighborhood and discovering new flowering plants and are wondering what they are. Botany can be intimidating, […]
5 leaf vine

5 Leaf Vine (The Virginia Creeper Vine with 5 Leaves)

The 5 leaf vine is a common plant that is native to the eastern part of North America. Its compound leaves and growth form look similar to many other plants that can be found growing near the 5 leaf vine. Specifically, many poisonous plants with irritating foliage look quite similar but can be distinguished from […]
types of roses

50 Different Types of Roses (How Many Types Are There?)

Roses are woody plants in the genus Rosa known for their showy flowers. There are over 150 species in the genus and thousands of cultivated hybrids. There are so many different types of roses! But enough numbers, roses are a symbol of romance and beauty! They have captivated culture throughout history and inspired poems and […]
types of palm trees

Different Types of Palm Trees (And Palm Tree Varieties)

Along the beach, in the humid warmth of a dense forest, swaying in a vivid hammock daydream – palms are an evocative and distinct family of plants. Even if you’ve never been to a tropical region of the planet, chances are you can envision their swaying green fronds with relative ease. The world of palm […]
holly leaf

Holly Leaf History

Holly has integrated itself so well into mainstream culture, you may find yourself wondering how it came to be such a staple. In western society, the often immediate association with holly is the red and green decor of Christmas time, as popularized by the classic carol “Deck the halls with boughs of holly.” But as […]
fern types

50+ Types of Ferns (Indoor and Outdoor Species of Ferns)

By definition, a fern is a vascular, flowerless plant with leafy fronds that produce spores for reproduction. Whether they add depth and dark green accents to your garden, spruce up a terrarium, or just remind you of scenes from Jurassic Park, ferns are truly remarkable plants. Life As a Fern Plant Ferns are some of […]
fungi characteristics and function

Understanding Fungi: Characteristics & Function

Fungi are a fascinating, abundant, and necessary part of our planet. Although they may seem like a basic form of life on our planet, they are actually incredibly complex and there is still a ton we’re learning about them. Many people know fungi just as the mushrooms we see above ground. But, there’s actually an […]
hedera helix, ivy

30+ Different Types of Ivy (And Ivy Varieties)

Unless you are reading this from the Saharan desert, chances are that ivy is somewhere nearby. It grows on office buildings, homes, trees, fences, and bridges. It turns sharp concrete corners of the city into something greener, causing mischief, and is a connective plant between the mossing ground and towering canopies of the forest.   […]
types of succulents

100 Different Types of Succulent Plants (and Species)

The perfect house plant for an individual lacking a green thumb is a succulent! These desert-loving plants are endemic to many places around the world, and they are generally very easy to take care of. Today, let’s take a deep dive and look at 100 different types of succulent plants.   What Is a Succulent? […]
yucca plant

How to Get Your Yucca Plant to Flower

Yucca is a common succulent closely related to agaves. There are over 40 species of the spiky plant that grow throughout North America including the US, Mexico, and even one species in Canada! Additionally, they are common in parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Yucca species vary from small, low-lying shrub-like plants to huge, […]
Watermelon - Citrullus lanatus

50+ Different Types of Melons (Melon Kinds, Names, & Facts)

The world of melons is vast, confusing, and interesting. This is partly due to the fact that melons have been cultivated by humans for over 5,000 years. Today, let’s take a deep dive into many of the different kinds of melons.   What Is a Melon? The term “melon” is somewhat analogous to the term […]
bay leaf benefits

Top Bay Leaf Benefits

If you’ve ever accidentally chomped down onto a bay leaf, chances are you won’t forget it. Its bitter taste can be an unpleasant shock to your tastebuds (and not recommended by health professionals) but is also a clue – the bay leaf is a powerfully beneficial plant when you know how to use it.   […]
temperate deciduous forest plants autumn fall

Interesting Plants Found in Temperate Deciduous Forests

There are some incredibly interesting plants found in temperate deciduous forests. Historically, these forests covered a vast expanse across the northern hemisphere, including the eastern parts of North America, Europe, and a huge swath of Asia. Although the amount of temperate deciduous forests is reducing due to human activity, their presence is still apparent across […]
neem oil seed

A Gardener's Guide to Neem Oil Uses

Neem oil is something of a panacea for gardeners. Neem oil uses range from killing unwanted insects, to preventing powdery mildew, to getting rid of nematodes. It’s a great, natural first line of defense against most of the common garden diseases and pests.     History of the Neem Oil Tree   Neem oil comes […]
eucalyptus tree

15 Different Eucalyptus Tree Types (And Classifications)

Life History of the Eucalyptus Genus Eucalyptus trees, also known by its common name, gum trees, are almost entirely Australian. Indeed, these are the trees that koalas eat and spend their lives in. In fact, only a few of the 700+ species recognized by science live entirely outside of Australia’s borders. This group of evergreen […]

The History of Thyme (Plus Uses of Thyme)

Thyme is a beloved herb for many human beings on planet earth. This is as true today as it has been throughout history. Thyme is a perennial evergreen plant that weaves its way throughout our stories and rituals. It has shaped our lives in ways we may not even realize. Whether you are using thyme […]
row cropping

What Is No Till Farming? And Why Do Farmers Do It?

Until recently in human agricultural history, soil tilling was done by hand. Eventually, machine technology advanced so that tilling machines could be manually pulled by animals. Today, a wide variety of motorized and fully mechanical tilling machines exist. While these machines have helped cultivate nutritional soil for millennia, is tilling necessary? Today, let’s take a […]
Rhubarb Plants

Rhubarb Benefits, Uses, and the Holy Grail of Pie

A traditional summer delicacy for some and a culinary curiosity for others, rhubarb has a reputation for both its tangy flavor and mystique. Although it rarely makes its way to the table, it adds both taste and nutrition when it does. Rhubarb even boasts an array of health benefits! Here we’ll dive into what makes […]
st john's wort

St. John's Wort Uses And Gardening Tips

Cheery yellow blooms and powerful medicinal properties make St. John’s Wort a beloved plant in any herbalist garden. Botanically known as Hypericum perforatum, this plant is native to parts of Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. Today it can be found all over the globe. In particular areas such as California and Mexico, it is aggressively […]

Borage Flower (Starflower) Gardening Tips and Uses

Borage flowers provide delightful splashes of blue for your garden. They attract loads of pollinators, have edible leaves and flowers, and are a medicinal herb. All around, borage, also sometimes called starflower, is a top choice for gardeners around the world. It is easy to germinate from seed, not too fussy once established, and often […]