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Riella affinis (Riella affinis)


Plants 0.6 -- 2.4 cm, caespitose, unbranched or branched sparingly; shoot apex falciform. Axis slightly flattened on dorsal side, 0.1--0.3 mm wide, mostly thin and flaccid. Dorsal wing 2.0--3.0 mm wide, margin entire, lacerate or erose with age, with the wing cells near axis 86--113 - 22--50 -m, with the marginal cells 25--48 - 25--35 -m. Oil cells 20--24 - 20--25 -m; oil bodies 15.0--17.5 -m. Lateral leaf scales remote, oriented obliquely, 1-stratose, linear-lanceolate, 500--730 -100--160 -m. Ventral leaf scales 1-stratose, linguiform, lanceolate, or linear, often with median constriction, 250--400 - 160--180 -m. Specialized asexual reproduction unknown. Sexual condition monoicous, protandrous. Antheridia 1--7-13 in a single series; antheridial body ca. 120--160 - 90--128 -m. Archegonial involucre ovoid, 1.4--2.0 - 1.0--1.5 mm, with the mouth contracted and often subacute, lamellae 8, longitudinal, 0.1--0.2 mm broad, with the margin undulate-sinuate or subentire. Sporophyte foot nearly spherical, ca. 160--180 -m; seta 100--115 -m; capsule - globose to ovoid, 750--800 -m. Spores ovoid, 80--120 -m, with the distal face spinose, the spines 6--13 -m, the apices truncate, slightly dilated, occasionally emarginate-2-fid, rarely acute, the basal membranes forming a few imperfect areolae, with the proximal face spinose, the spines truncate or obtuse, or with tubercules, ca. 2--5 -m, basal membranes absent.

Taxonomic tree

  • Domain: Eukarya

    • Kingdom: Plantae

      • Phylum: Hepaticophyta

        • Class: Marchantiopsida

          • Order: Sphaerocarpales

            • Family: Riellaceae

              • Genus: Riella