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Dicranum Moss (Dicranum scoparium)


Broom forkmoss is usually robust and coarse, forming shiny tufts with woolly stems 2-8 cm high. The leaf midrib extends to the tip and usually has 4 ridges along its back. The leaves are 3.5-8 mm long, lance-shaped with a long, slender point, and strongly toothed along the upper third. Most leaves will be folded and curved to one side, but may be wavy. Capsules are 2.3-5 mm long, urn-shaped and curved. The capsules are held on mostly-erect stalks 18-35 mm long. The operculum (capsule lid) is usually longer than the capsule.

Taxonomic tree

  • Domain: Eukarya

    • Kingdom: Plantae

      • Phylum: Bryophyta

        • Class: Bryopsida

          • Order: Dicranales

            • Family: Dicranaceae

              • Genus: Dicranum