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Campylopus Moss (Campylopus introflexus)


Campylopus introflexus, the heath star moss, is a species of moss. It has a native southern hemisphere distribution in southern South America, southern part of Africa, southern and eastern Australia, and Atlantic and Pacific islands such as New Zealand, New Caledonia and the South Sandwich Islands. It is a neophyte in Europe and coastal western North America. In some parts of Europe and North America the species has become invasive. It can be found in a variety of settings, from bogs to dunes to flat roofs, often decalcified habitats. Individual plants measure 0.5-5 centimetres (0.20-1.97 in), with lanceolate (lance-shaped) leaves 4-6 mm (0.16-0.24 in). The plants are found in dense mats and are yellowish to olive green. This species will sometimes reproduce asexually by means of stem tips that break off and are distributed by the wind. Multiple sporophytes are often present in one plant. It produces spores of 12-14 -m in size.

Taxonomic tree

  • Domain: Eukarya

    • Kingdom: Plantae

      • Phylum: Bryophyta

        • Class: Bryopsida

          • Order: Dicranales

            • Family: Dicranaceae

              • Genus: Campylopus