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Slenderleaf clammyweed (Polanisia tenuifolia)


Annuals, 20-45(-90) cm. Stems usually unbranched, sometimes branched (reddish purple); hairs stalked, glandular throughout. Leaves: petiole green to purple, subterete, (0.2-)1-3 cm; leaflet blade (conduplicate), linear, 1-5 - 0.05-0.2 cm, margins entire, apex obtuse, mucronulate, surfaces sparsely glandular abaxially, glabrous or sparsely glandular adaxially, (fleshy). Racemes 1-3 cm (6-8 cm in fruit); bracts trifoliate, elliptic, 5-15 mm. Pedicels 5-15 mm. Flowers: sepals (reflexed), pale yellow, lanceolate to deltate, 1.6-2.6 - 0.7-1.2 mm, clawed, margins entire, apex acute to obtuse, glandular; petals white, oblong-ovate, abaxial pair 1.5-3 - 1-2 mm (6 or 7-lobed), apex emarginate to lacerate, adaxial pair 3.5-5 - 2-3 mm (barely clawed, 4 or 5-lobed), apex emarginate to lacerate; nectary glands yellow (drying purple), 0.5 mm; stamens 8-13, slightly exserted, yellow, 3-6 mm; anthers yellow with maroon tip, 1-2 mm; gynophore 1.7-4 mm in fruit; ovary 2.5-5(-7) mm; style persistent in fruit, 2.5-4.5 mm; stigma red. Capsules 40-60 - 2-4 mm, reticulate, glandular or glabrous. Seeds 18-36, reddish brown, spheroidal, 0.7-0.9 mm, pebbled (without transverse ridges). 2n = 20.Flowering spring-late summer. Scrub, dry pinelands, oak-pine woods, sandhills, lakeshores; 0-100 m; Ala., Fla., Ga., Miss.

Taxonomic tree

  • Domain: Eukarya

    • Kingdom: Plantae

      • Phylum: Magnoliophyta

        • Class: Magnoliopsida

          • Order: Brassicales

            • Family: Cleomaceae

              • Genus: Polanisia