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Leaf_white wood tree (Canella winterana)


Canella winterana is the only species of the genus Canella of the family Canellaceae . It is a large aromatic Caribbean shrub with small strawberry flowers, more commonly known in French West Indies as Bois-Cinnamon or Bwa kann�l , Kann�l a pis , Kann�l bata in Creole.It is a large shrub that can reach the size of a small tree, 4 to 15 m , with a gray bark, aromatic, many branches very leafy. The whole plant is aromatic and evokes the smell of cassis but it should not be confused with the real cinnamon tree ( Cinnamomum ).The leaves are alternate, obovate or oblanceolate, leathery, dark green, dotted with translucent glands. The upper side is a bright dark green, the underside is lighter and matte.The inflorescences are usually terminal, sometimes axillary.The flower has 3 sepals 2-3 mm thick and 5 petals obovate , 5-6 mm , resplendent red-blooded, with a yellowish base, 10 stamens with threads united in a staminal tube of 3-4 mm and wearing yellow to orange anthers , and a short but fat style. Flowering is from June to September.The fruit is a globose berry green then vermilion and finally almost black 7-10 mm in diameter. It contains up to 5 black glossy elongated seeds of 5-6 mm .Although the flowers are hermaphrodite , collectively they behave like unisexual flowers. Indeed, the maturation of the gynoecium precedes that of the androcea ( protogynous plant ) and as all the flowers of a plant are at the same stage (first male then female), the fertilization is between different plants as for a species monoecious.

Taxonomic tree

  • Domain: Eukarya

    • Kingdom: Plantae

      • Phylum: Magnoliophyta

        • Class: Magnoliopsida

          • Order: Canellales

            • Family: Canellaceae

              • Genus: Canella