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Evergreen Garden Care Signs New Partnership With PlantSnap App

by | Apr 12, 2021



Leading international garden care company, Evergreen Garden Care, offering brands such as
Miracle-Gro and having a leading presence across Europe and Australasia has announced an
exclusive partnership with PlantSnap Inc., a market-leading AI-powered plant identification

This exciting partnership will see the two companies collaborate across key regions in which
Evergreen Garden Care operates, not only to support the identification of plants through the
app but also to provide essential growing and plant care information to inspire users to
garden. The new content and features are expected to go live in early April 2021.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has seen huge importance placed on our green spaces,
be it a balcony or garden, and it has also demonstrated the significant role gardening plays
in supporting our mental and physical wellbeing.



New Beginnings


Speaking on behalf of Evergreen Garden Care, Ann-Marie O’Riordan, Group Product &
Innovation Director, explained:

“At Evergreen we believe in the beauty of a green space – or oasis – whether it’s a garden, a
balcony or potted plants indoors, and we want to inspire anyone, anywhere to be able easily
to create and maintain their own.

The role of digital and technology continues to shape and enhance the gardening category in
which we operate. PlantSnap is a brilliant example of an organization and a group of people
who are focused on leveraging technology to connect people with green spaces and nature.
In the process, they have developed an app that is a key support tool for gardeners and
especially new gardeners looking to identify any plant in the world with the click of a button.
Millions of new gardeners have started to garden during the pandemic and are turning to
digital to help them with their gardening projects. Miracle-Gro (Fertiligene, Substral) are in a
brilliant position to help these gardeners with our friendly advice about all things growing
and we want to make it super accessible.

We are thrilled to be working with PlantSnap. With their digital technology, combined with
our plant care advice and market-leading products, we can inspire people to garden and
support them in their growing journey”.

Eric Ralls, PlantSnap Inc. Founder and President said:

“My goal for PlantSnap is to help all people around the world rediscover the beauty and
wonder of nature. PlantSnap makes it fun to engage with and appreciate the incredible plant
kingdom, which makes all life on Earth possible.

Our unique, exciting partnership with Evergreen will further PlantSnap’s vision to make plant
identification and plant care simple, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone. Evergreen’s
commitment to helping plant lovers care for their plants is unparalleled. Plants truly are for
everyone, but not all plants require the same care.

This partnership between Evergreen and PlantSnap will help plant lovers properly identify
and care for the world around them while helping sustain it.”

Issued on behalf of Evergreen Garden Care


Notes to Editors:


About Evergreen Garden Care


Evergreen Garden Care is the leading garden care company outside North America,
producing high quality garden care products designed to help people create their own green
oasis amid the rush of modern life. Their market-leading brands, including Miracle-Gro,
Fertiligène, Substral, Pokon, Tui and Scotts Osmocote, are some of the best known and most
trusted consumer brands within the garden care market.


About PlantSnap Inc.


PlantSnap started as Eric was traipsing through a friend’s backyard and wondered about the
identity of a plant he stumbled across. When he realised that no one knew what it was he
found a problem he wanted to solve.

Fast forward to today, PlantSnap is a robust mobile application that identifies plants,
flowers, trees, cacti, succulents and fungi. Simply snap a photo of the plant, and PlantSnap
tells you what it is in seconds! The patent-pending algorithm has grown into one of the
largest machine-learning image recognition models ever created.


  • 50+ million downloads of the app globally
  • Available in 37 languages and used in 170 + countries
  • 700k+ plant library
  • 94% identification accuracy


PlantSnap Global Partnerships:


  • Botanic Gardens Conservation International
  • Botanic Gardens Australia and New Zealand Inc
  • American Public Gardens Association
  • Snapchat
  • Huawei


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