Introducing PlantSnap for Free!

You can now get PlantSnap for free on Android and iOS!

Free version users can get help instantly identifying flowers, trees, and all sorts of plant friends.


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There were already other free plant identification apps out there, why would I want PlantSnap?


We agree with reviewers that PlantSnap is the best plant identification app on the market, and we’re excited to be able to offer PlantSnap for free to users. Whereas other free plant identification apps on the market require you to do the heavy lifting with plant identification, PlantSnap uses its algorithm to identify plants in just a few seconds.

The PlantSnap algorithm needs you to take clear, crisp photos of just a single flower and/or a few leaves (you can’t use a photo of multiple plants or a whole tree). The algorithm scans over the photo and gives you its thoughts on the plant’s identity with a confidence score. With the ability to recognize roughly 90% of the world’s plants, PlantSnap is extremely powerful.


PlantSnap never stops learning


Once PlantSnap tells you what plant you’re looking at, you can read more about the plant. This allows you to learn as much as you’d like and go back to learn to identify the plant on your own. The AI (artificial intelligence) involved in PlantSnap is constantly improving, and you can submit iffy identifications for review.

This is a stark contrast to some other free plant identification apps, which work by guiding you through identifying the play with key features, have long wait times while an actual botanist identifies your plant, or require that you place the plants against a white background for photo identification.

PlantSnap is the first instant plant identification app that will work on the go (provided you have a cellular data connection). But don’t worry – PlantSnap also allows you to upload photos after you get back from your off-the-grid hiking expedition. That’s why we still list it as a terrific hiking app.

PlantSnap can provide very accurate results, but it is also constantly learning and improving. Rather than providing a static database, PlantSnap’s AI allows users to “teach” the app more about plants. With an estimated nearly 400,000 species of plants on the world, there’s a lot of learning to do! The app is already highly accurate, provided you take photos as instructed and follow these tips.

Ready to start snapping? Download PlantSnap for free on Android (here) and iOS (here).

We hope you’re excited to use PlantSnap for free! Your feedback on the app is always appreciated. Don’t forget that you can submit a plant photo for review if the algorithm is struggling to identify it correctly.


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